16 of the Best Conversation Starters for any Party!

diy conversation cards

You know those first few minutes when people are arriving for a party, and everyone is standing around, looking at each other, not knowing what to do?! Yeah…. that is super awkward. And, it should never happen!! We all need a little help sometimes in our dinner parties. In my supper club, we started using conversation cards — and they are so much fun!! There really isn’t someone who isn’t a good conversationalist, however, these cards help us broaden our topics of discussion. And we learn a lot about each other and our guests! 

I’ve made a few conversation starter downloads for you to help get you started! Print these out, and cut. Use at your next dinner party, on a road trip, or  around the dinner table each night. Nothing fancy about this printable in my resource library! I like to keep it simple, so you can print and go! 😉

conversation cards for dinner parties


I have some from Amazon, you can click the affiliate link below… 

There are some really great conversation starting topics! Some, I just tossed as I found them and didn’t like them… 😉  They have all kinds of varieties… kids, teens, etc. 

Do you have any go to party conversation lull remedies?! Let me know in the comments! 

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diy conversation cards

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