For the Love of Flowers

This past weekend we had a wonderful time celebrating my grandparents

 60th wedding anniversary.

Seriously, I had no idea what an accomplishment that was until I went perusing stores for anything “happy 60th” – No. Luck. At. All. So then I went to Etsy to see what all I would miss (due to shipping and the party being a few days away…) and only ONE page came up. 38 results for “60th anniversary” – most of which were customizable items that didn’t even have 60 on them in the picture….. If someone is looking for a part time hobby, start cranking out the 60-ness! However…

I am blessed to have such a wonderful example of affection and communication. I cherish my time with them.

Our dear friends, Kim & Dottie, helped make the day even more special by arranging several pieces. And, I must say, they were absolutely stunning! They have started a company called: “For the Love of Flowers” and specialize in weddings, events, and any floral decorating needs.

florals on a table

If you remember the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, 60 is represented by the Diamond. So, I (of course loving anything that sparkles) had to have lovely fake diamonds thrown across the table and candles. LOTS of candles!

flower arrangement for anniversary party
hydrangeas on table top
60th anniversary table setting
spring table setting

I absolutely LOVED these arrangements, so much they are sitting on our table (dying…) along with the diamonds. We don’t like parties to end in our home!

We had a delightful lunch of beef tenderloin, green beans, and mashed potatoes. Followed by various cakes from Athens, GA brought by my Aunt Jill! They were to die for! Cecelia’s, if you must know! I can’t wait to show you the rest of the photos from the happy day.


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  1. Those are such lovely arrangements. They are perfect to honor such an amazing and special occasion! Congratulations! What an example to all! I hope you have a wonderful week and thank you for sharing on my linky party and helping to make it such fun!

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