Spring Salad Recipes Roundup

Spring Salad recipes help usher in a new green life and get us eating light, fresh food that is packed with flavor! These salad recipes are great any time of year, but I look forward to them when the weather warms up and all the flowers bud.

spring salad recipes

You might find these salads super simple and easy, which they are. An easy way to transition into fresh cooking (or not cooking!).

No Cook Spring Salad Recipes

Let’s start with one of my favorite salads for entertaining. It’s especially nice on a very hot summer day because nothing is cooked.

shrimp louie salad recipe

Each component of the salad is well-seasoned, with attention to the details in every way.

Shrimp Louie Salad is so good on a warm Spring Day!

I buy my shrimp already cooked from The Fresh Market and then slice and dice everything else.

california shrimp louie salad

The bed of greens is super yummy on a spring evening.

I buy the Campari Tomatoes and quarter them into a little white wine vinegar with salt and pepper, giving the store-bought tomatoes an instant lift before the homegrown tomatoes grace the tables.

shrimp louie salad

Slice up your shallots and give them a quick pickle in the same vinegar with a pinch of sugar — SO good! That little tiny touch adds so much flavor later on.

The Shrimp Louie Dressing is so nice. Tangy and vibrant, without being heavy.

wedge salad for a crowd

Wedge Salad for a Crowd takes the usual wedge salad and creates a whole new salad idea.

Hunks of iceberg lettuce are laid out on a big, giant white platter.

Slices of cucumbers, shallots, and bright tomatoes get arranged all over the hunks of lettuce.

easy wedge salad for a crowd

Then, crumble up some Boursin Cheese (I prefer the shallot and chive flavor!), and drizzle the creamy garlic and sour cream dressing over the top.

Grilled Salad Recipes

The next spring salad is an absolute showstopper!

simple steak salad recipe

If you’re hosting a dinner party this spring, you’ve got to try this Simple Steak Salad Recipe!

You grill a giant Tomahawk Steak, slice this bad boy up, and serve over a bed of greens and veggies.

simple steak salad

It’s incredibly simple.

Crunchy lettuce. Cherry Tomatoes. Sliced Shallots.

Goat Cheese Crumbles. Crispy Onions.

What is not to love?!

steak salad with creamy balsamic dressing

The whole salad gets drizzled with a Creamy Balsamic Dressing that will quickly become your favorite dressing recipe!

caprese caesar salad and steakhouse marinated chicken platter

I know I just said the steak salad was a showstopper… But LOOK at this Steakhouse Chicken and Caprese Salad!

This is what Springtime Fresh is all about!!

The first time I made this recipe was for a “Fancy Dinner Party” I was hosting. Everyone was dressing up and ready for a swanky evening.

steakhouse chicken and caprese caesar salad dinner party menu

Last minute (ish!) I changed my mind about the menu and served grilled chicken and salad. I knew it would be a hot day, so this was the best option.

croissant croutons

The croissant croutons were made a few days before the party, as was the steakhouse herb butter that topped the chicken.

The lettuce was chopped, washed, and dried the day before.

Everything was prepped in advance of the party.

It was the most relaxing party I’ve ever hosted, y’all!

caprese caesar salad

And the Caprese Caesar Salad is an absolute favorite of mine.

More Spring Salads

Pesto Baked Chicken and Caprese Salad is the best way to get the last bits out of your pesto container.

pesto baked chicken with caprese salad

Marinate your chicken in a pesto and balsamic vinegar marinade and bake to juicy perfection.

Mix a tomato and mozzarella salad for the finishing touch and serve to your hungry people!

pesto chicken with tomato and mozzarella salad

This spring salad recipe is great for meal prepping at the start of a busy week.

Packed with flavor, the pesto chicken and Caprese salad pair so well and brighten up your desk lunch any day of the week!

What’s your favorite salad from the recipe roundup?!

Save this to your favorite salad board on Pinterest!

spring salad recipes

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