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Ross’s Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich

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Ross’s Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich is the sandwich you need to make the day after!
Starring Monica’s ‘Moist Maker,’ this sandwich is just delicious!

the one with ross's sandwich

We all know the episode. 


We can all hear him now, “You ate my sandwich? My SANDWICH? MY SANDWICH?!”

It’s one of my most favorite Friends episodes, and it’s not Thanksgiving season without watching it at least once. 

The One with Ross's Sandwich

So, today I’m showing you how to take your leftovers and create the most delicious leftover turkey sandwich, Ross’s Leftover Turkey Sandwich. Which includes Monica’s Moist Maker. 


Let’s begin…

Buns getting ready to be toasted

Start this whole process by toasting the inside of a hoagie bun with LOTS of butter. Smearing butter crust to crust!

Buns being toasted

Flip these into a skillet and toast over medium heat until golden brown.

While this toasts, move onto the next step…

Cranberry Duke's Mayonnaise

In a small bowl or ramekin, mix equal parts leftover cranberry sauce and Duke’s mayonnaise. Since I’m only making one sandwich here, it’s about a tablespoon of each. You definitely want enough to layer on each side of the bun.

Stuffing in a pan

After the buns have toasted, set them aside and place a slab of dressing in the pan. If you need a good recipe for dressing or stuffing, use this one! It’s so so so good!

Stuffing in a pan for leftovers

Break up the big chunk of dressing, into smaller pieces. If you need to add some butter here you can.

It’s the holiday season, so butter is okay. ??

leftover turkey gravy

Get out your tub of leftover gravy and scoop some into the pan with the dressing pieces. This is what I use as the ‘moist maker.’ Monica’s is a slice of bread, dipped into the gravy, but my gravy is very gelatinous from good bones, so it needs to be heated, and mixing with the dressing is what I’ve done for years. You won’t regret the situation, I promise. 

Monica's Moist Maker

Just a couple of spoonfuls. Don’t get all gross on me, keep it under control. 

Now, we’ll start layering Ross’s Sandwich

Bun with Cranberry Mayonnaise

Slather on a healthy amount of the cranberry mayo. You want a substantial amount. Plus, it’s addictively delicious!

Turkey Sandwich Idea

Add some shredded leftover turkey. Grandma’s Roasted Turkey works so well for this sandwich!

The next layer is the dressing covered in gravy…

Now, I got so excited, I forgot to take a picture of the Moist Maker part… But, you can see it amid the next photo.

Monica's Turkey Sandwich Idea

Top the Moist Maker with more turkey. You can see I opted for the light meat on this layer.

Ross’s Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich is so good, y’all!! Get excited.



Topping a thanksgiving leftover sandwich with cranberry mayo

Top the whole sandwich with a bun slathered in more cranberry mayo, and go to town!

Just make sure you leave a note telling folks to keep their mitts of your grub!

Day After Thanksgiving Sandwich idea

This is a very messy sandwich, it will fall out all over the place, so be prepared with lots of napkins and a fork to pick up all the goodness! 

Ross's Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich Recipe

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