Princess Tea Party

Growing up, my grandparents had this amazing walk in pantry. There I would create the most fabulous tea parties from “my” shelf – my darling grandmother designated the bottom shelf with all things “tea party” – tiny china tea cups & saucers (heirloom family items) – glass plates – glass pitches – etc. I wish we had thought to photograph that shelf now, however, I will forever remember it. Maybe I’ll recreate it when I have children?

Last August I created a tea party for one of my babies & her friends. I had an absolute blast. Not only because R & her friends loved it, but because I got to share a special past time with a new generation. For me, creating & planning parties is pure pleasure. At least once, if not twice a week we have guests over for dinner. (If you’ve never been invited – our door is always open. Please come and sit!)  Here are a few simple guidelines to follow when creating a party, not just a tea party, but any party!



Most of the items I used were the very ones I played with growing up. I did add some fun “goodies”
for the girls – silly bands – bling bling rings – headbands – necklaces – fun things!



When it comes to food – I take the easy road. I go to my local grocery store & buy as many pre made options as I can. Then, I assemble them, and add a couple home made items. This saves me time & I don’t feel like I’m lacking in the “treat” department. Your friends are definitely not going to have a better time if you are in the kitchen, slaving away! Relax!




 Using items that have meaning to you make it special. These tea cups have been in the hands of 3 generations – I can’t wait to share them with generations to come. This is something I talk about in my Hostess Handbook {releasing late April 2018!} — using items that have a story or meaning behind them helps create conversation starters. I love using pieces I can talk about — people can ask questions about — or tell a funny story about when they used something similar. Everything that goes on your table should have story. Whether that is a family heirloom, or you picked it up at the Dollar Store because you could, tell the story! Create the conversation around your table, and meet your community there!


 Remember to celebrate the special things in your life. Whether that is using a tea cup that is 3 generations old, or rocking your sweet new baby in your grandmother’s rocker. Life is well deserved & we are all blessed to be living it!


Pinkies up!

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  1. LOVE this beautiful post! Guess who I have bought a miniature glass tea set for? Found it in an antique store in Biltmore. You will have to come and sip tea w/ us…(when she's old enough!!) 🙂

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