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Is your desk piled high with lots of stuff — with items you never use, but thought would be useful in the moment? Do you have pens overflowing out of something — not sure if they are full of ink or not?? Are you suffering from Addicted to Office Supply Syndrome??


Every August, when the Back to School sales flyers come through the Sunday paper, I get giddy.

It brings back wonderful memories of making my list with my mama, and shopping the aisles of Office Depot.

While I don’t need those flyers now, I still can’t help get excited when they roll around, even though I’m almost thirty.

Here are some of my very favorite, must have items on my desk. These plus my computer and printer are all I need.




My planners….. yep! I have two. One for “life,” and one for blog planning. Inkwell Press has taken everything I need in a planner, and made it perfect. Really.





Here is my pen/pencil caddy — I got it at Target, and it has six compartments. This holds my colored pencils for bible journaling, paint brushes for bible journaling, LOTS of pencils (I know. I have a lot.), pens (Yep, got lots of those too… Le Pen, Inkjoy, Papermate Flair, etc.), I have highlighters and sharpies, and a few pairs of scissors + my trusty bone folder!




See the front of the caddy?? Black and white stripes FTW! Now you see my Project Life note cards, sticky notes, and tabs… Along with three sizes of washi tape. The sizes mean different things inside my planner – and I’ll talk about that in a couple weeks when I take you through my planner.


Let me talk about the Project Life note cards — these are WONDERFUL. One side is horizontal, the other vertical. They have rounded corners (SWOON!), and are heavier weight than an index card. These make great grocery list card, running errands, etc. I have multiples all around with info on them — passwords (safe, I know…!), image sizes for blogging, reminders, etc.



Now we can talk about these tabs and sticky notes. The tabs: as I have said before, I am going through Ruth Soukup’s Elite Blog Academy; as I’m going through there are pages I want to ‘remember’ and refer back to often. I add a sticky tab with the proper label, and I’m set!

The sticky notes are the “Super Sticky Full Adhesive” ones… and they are THE best. And, they have rounded corners… kind of my thing… Again, I use these in my planner — on my desk for reminders, etc. I love that they stick flat, but peel off easily without ripping!



Finally, this is a new product I’ve been trying since January — and I haven’t filled it in yet…. But! This lives on my inspiration board — and I’m using it to see my month at a glance. While I can flip back and forth within my planner, I find it easier to just glance over quickly and find what I need. I also like that she has included a Mission Board on the right — my Powersheets tending list is filtered onto this, and it is yet another place where I can keep myself accountable!



What are your office must haves?? Are there things you have that you could live without??  I know I purged a LOT… Notebooks that weren’t necessary — old pens that didn’t work — things that I thought I would need, but never even opened! I challenge you to take a look at your desk and remove a few items you haven’t used in the last six months. Begin making a bin with office supplies you think you can live without.


Save this Pinterest graphic to your boards so you can refer back to it easily!



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  1. I’m jealous of your office caddy with all those pens and pencils! I love office supplies too and have to avoid the stores like Staples or Office Depot. Just too many tempting thing in there. Thanks for sharing your office essentials with us. #HomeMattersParty

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