How to Make a Boulevardier Cocktail

How to make a Boulevardier Cocktail is simple!
A few bartop staples and you have the coziest cocktail for cooler weather!

Let’s learn how to make a Boulevardier cocktail!

If you’re in need of a winter cocktail that’s easy to make, yet classic and chic, look no further…

What is a Boulevardier?

The Boulevarider Cocktail. issimilar to the Negroni, with. a few swaps.

American writer Erskine Gwynne who founded a Parisian magazine called Boulevardier in the late 20s, early 30s had an Old Pa from Harry’s bar who created this beverage.

How to Make a Boulevardier Cocktail

First, gather your ingredients.

  1. Nice Bourbon, today I’m using Buffalo Trace
  2. Campari, a bitter Italian liquor
  3. Sweet Vermouth
  4. One Orange

Next, gather your equipment.

  1. A glass to stir your drink in
  2. A cocktail stirrer
  3. A cocktail strainer
  4. Paring knife
  5. Coupe, Martini, or Low Ball glass to serve your drink in

Now, let’s start creating this cocktail!

Using a cocktail jigger, measure out an ounce of each liquors.

Add ice to your glass, and give it a *good* stir for 60 seconds. Set a timer! 60 seconds in a lot longer than you think!

Pour the chilled cocktail into a coupe glass.

Using your paring knife, slice a 2-3 inch piece of orange peel, avoiding as much pith as possible.

Hold at a 45˚ angle, gently squeezing to release the oils—then run around the outside of the rim of the glass.

Finally, place the peel in the drink, and serve!

This is the perfect cocktail to serve when you’re nibbling on snacks, or catching up with friends around the fire.

Give these individual cheeseboards are go at your next cocktail party!

If you give this cocktail a try, let me know what you think. It’s a boozy one, so drink responsibly!

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How to Make a Boulevardier Cocktail

  • Author: Sweetpea


1 oz/28ml bourbon

1 oz/28ml Campari

1 oz/28ml sweet vermouth

Orange peel to garnish


  1. Combine bourbon, Campari, and sweet vermouth in a mixing glass or pint glass.
  2. Add ice and stir for 1 minute.
  3. Strain into coupe. 
  4. Slice a 2-3” section of orange peel, getting as little white pith as possible.
  5. Hold at a 45° angle to the glass and squeeze peel gentle to release the oils on the top of the cocktail.
  6. Use the outside of the peel to wipe around the rim of the glass. Place peel in glass or on the edge.
  7. Serve immediately.


Sweet Vermouth needs to be stored in the fridge! Bourbon and Campari can be left out at room temperature.

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