Galentine’s Party Decor Ideas: Glam up Your Gal Pal Bash

Galentine’s Party Decor will give you the perfect excuse to buy all the Valentine’s Day-themed decor, and set up a fabulous party for your friends on February 13th!

Setting the Stage for Galentine Glamour

Thanks to Leslie Knope of Parks and Rec, we have a Valentine-themed day for your best friends! It’s a great way to go the extra mile and celebrate friendship with your closest friends and enjoy lots of sweet treats and delicious eats.

leslie knope galentine's day

It’s the perfect time to hang up the Valentine’s Day Bunting and show off all your pink and red decor.

I’ve got a post filled with affiliate links of all the best Galentine’s Day Party ideas along with links to recipes to complete the event.

afternoon tea at home

I’m a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, and I love this special day for remembering the sweet friends in your life.

DIY Decor Delights: Crafting Together

Imagine us gathered around, fabrics and glitter adorning the table, laughter mingling with the sound of scissors snipping away. This is a great time to make Vision Boards for the new year together!

Collect all the magazines (ask your friends to bring them, too!) and lay out scissors, glue, and poster board to create your Vision Boards. 

​You’ll tear and snip all the things out, gluing them in while sipping on vino and enjoying delicious snacks.

DIY decor is the heart of Galentine’s Day, transforming the space into a realm where every corner reflects our collective creativity. 

Crafting our DIY floral arrangements stands out as a personal favorite.

Head over to Trader Joe’s, and pick up all the various flowers. 

Set out mason jars, string, tape, ribbons, etc, and have your best gal pals make their arrangements. Then, everyone takes their arrangement home and enjoys the beauty for as long as it lasts!

Table Setting Masterclass: Theme It Right

Let’s dive right into the heart of the matter your table setting is so much more than just dishes and cutlery; it’s the thematic stage of your Galentine’s Day bash. 

valentine's table setting

I always reach for hues of pink, red, and white, colors that embody the essence of affection and warmth. Imagine a runner of lush raspberry or a tablecloth sprinkled with rose petals, setting the stage for everything else to shine. 

I love purchasing pinks, reds, and whites, and using them for any and every holiday. A few heart items and you’re set. There’s no need to go all in on heart everything, just a few items is a great way to punch up the Galentine’s Day decor idea!

mason jar themed shower table setting

Pick out tableware that speaks to the spirit of the day. I adore mix-and-match vintage plates that add character or for a modern twist, geometric shapes that give off a chic vibe. 

Glassware with a hint of color catches the light beautifully—think rosy-tinted champagne flutes awaiting to be clinked in celebration. Pink depression glass is my go-to, like in this post on How to Host an Afternoon Tea at Home

tea time in the afternoon

Remember, the magic is in the mix of vintage treasures with fun heart-shaped decor.

Layering different textures and patterns plays up the excitement. Polka-dot napkins, striped straws, and ornate chargers? Old with new, it’s the perfect way to make your place setting stand out.

galentine's table setting

It’s all about creating that table setting that your guests can’t help but fall in love with and linger at long after the last toast is made.

The Fondue at Home Party

Galentine's Day Fondue Party

Imagine the fondue pot, not just as a vessel for deliciously melted cheese or chocolate, but as an elegant centerpiece that commands attention.

To achieve this dual functionality, I start by choosing a fondue pot with a sleek design that complements the overall decor scheme – think chic metallics or a pop of color that makes everything feel cohesive and intentional.

red fondue pot for galentine's day

This red fondue pot is on the theme, for sure! 

Fresh strawberries, cubed bread, and marshmallows are not just treats; they are part of the visual feast.

I often intersperse small votive candles between the items, giving the table a warm, inviting glow that draws everyone in, making it impossible to resist the allure of dipping into the communal pot.

mini staub cocottes for baked fondue

If you’re not into the communal dipping of food, you can heat up cheese or chocolate in the Mini Cocottes from Staub, and serve individual boards with all the accouterments for the evening. It’s a super fun way to enjoy the party!

You’ll want plenty of bottles of vino on hand for this fun, fancy party that gives you quality time with your friends.

Galentine’s Day Brunch

Galentine's day brunch

Why not start your Galentine’s Day with a delicious brunch, laid out with all the delicious recipes?

the best breakfast casserole with sausage

​The night before you’ll make up the The Best Breakfast Casserole so you’re ready for the morning.

disposable heart bowls for galentine's day

Cut up fresh fruit and have it in a heart bowl, and lay out bowls of yogurt and granola for your gal pals to make their own parfaits. Even cuter if you get these *cute* heart-shaped disposable cups!

sister schubert's cinnamon pull apart rolls

Make these Sister Schubert’s Cinnamon Bread with the hearty breakfast casserole, and your sweet treat is complete. It’s so easy, too!! But, your friends will go crazy over it! 

To make the morning extra special, raise a Galentine Bunting Banner over your serving area. It’s a great way to add a fun, festive touch!

Have bottles of prosecco chilling in your ice mold with juices ready to add to the glasses for a mimosa bar.

That’s five-star service, right there!

Galentine’s Pizza and Movie Night

galentine's pizza party

Round up your favorite people, and make heart-shaped pizzas. Put on your favorite romantic movies, and you have the perfect backdrop for a fun night.

Add in your favorite drinks with festive extras like these swizzle sticks and edible glitter! Find all these Galentine Decor Items in my Amazon List!

Your pizza party won’t be complete without a sweet treat! 

Final Flourishes: Photo Moments & Parting Gifts

Now that the room is a-buzz with love and the decor is setting hearts aflutter, let’s not forget those Instagram-worthy photo moments. 

Set up a corner draped in twinkle lights and adorned with quirky props. Imagine Polaroids framing our faces, creating tangible memories to take home. Add in a Polaroid Camera, and let people snap their own pictures to take with them!

And speaking of take-home treasures, parting gifts are a gesture of thanks, a sweet epilogue to our Galentine’s gala. 

Envision goodie bags, not just any bags, but ones that echo our evening’s elegance, each filled with mementos that resonate with our shared laughter and chatter. A personalized Galentine card tucked inside amplifies that emotional flutter.

I love making up goodie bags of my favorite things: face masks, a little bottle prosecco, a keychain, maybe a bottle of pink nail polish, and some sweet treats for later! This is great time to hit up the Target Dollar Spot, or raid the shelves of Marshalls! Your friend group will love whatever you gift them!

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