12 Tools Every Hostess Needs

Hooray!! It’s May!!

I am loving the weather, and the beautiful foliage that is coming in everyday! The tulips and dogwoods are blooming, and my peonies are on the horizon.

With this beautiful weather comes lots of party planning. With lots of party planning comes lots of cooking!

Here are my 12 items I cannot live without. Seriously! These are the items I use everyday, and especially with every party! These are in no particular order… And, they are all my favorite tools, so if I use the term favorite a lot, please do not hold me grammatically responsible….

1. Card stock. Not only do I make invitations out of these, I print my food labels on here, and cut them using my Silhouette!

2. My Silhouette Cameo – couldn’t live without this wonderful piece of equipment. If you are a crafter, and enjoy paper crafts (you can make SO much more than just paper crafts with it!) YOU. NEED. ONE. Really and truly, this may be my favorite item!

Here are a couple items I have made using my Cameo:

Mason Jar Food Labels
Craft Dash Quatrefoil stickers for a card

3. Pastry Scraper – this is great for when you have a lot of chopping and a lot of little pieces to pick up. Chop them on your cutting board, and scoop into your pot/bowl/etc.

4. Baker’s Twine. LOVE this stuff! You can use it on cards, added to labels, etc.

Here I used it on the label as well as the drink dispenser. Adds a cute, fun touch, huh??

5. Mason Jars – not only are they perfect drinking vessel, they hold flowers, hold candles, filled with marbles and put lights in them. FAVORITE

6. Sticky Notes – I LOVE using these to label my platters before a big dinner or cocktail party.

7. Christmas Lights – need I say more??? The twinkly hue it gives to wherever you string them adds such dimension to any party decor.

8. Dollar Store Silver Platters – I would be lost without these! If I take a platter of cookies to a party and forget it, it’s okay! It was only $1! And, they go with everything.

Definitely dresses these store-bought sweet treats up!

9. Place Cards – While I make my own more often than buy them, store bought ones come in handy for those last minute dinner parties!

Here I made the place cards using Publisher, added photos to each of the cards, as well as a name. Giving a great conversation piece, as well as a fun keepsake!

10. Tissue Paper – pom-poms, and focal points are created using tissue paper. I love the versatility of this wonderful item!!

Fun Peacock Themed Party!

Poms-Poms were used as the table decoration for the Lunch in the Garden

11. Le Creuset Pot – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cookware. Ceramic coated cast iron conducts heat evenly and efficiently. Making your food perfect, and your cook time faster.

12. My Chalkboard – I made this several months ago, and have used it time and again. I love putting the party’s menu on it,  or saying Merry Christmas!

Woo hoo! Those are my 12 items I cannot live without. Tomorrow, I will be talking about how to organize your items efficiently. Your china, candles, vases, etc. Get excited!

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  1. This is such a great list for party hosts! That’s a clever tip about using the dollar store silver platters when you need to take food to a party. I never want to forget a real dish somewhere. Thanks for sharing your post at the #HomeMattersParty this week.

    1. I absolutely love my Silhouette! But, it was purchased before Cricut came out with a “digital” version — what I loved most about the Silhouette was being able to create my own items.

    1. The Dollar Store platters are my go to serving piece!! Crazy! And when someone says “I love your platter” I just gift it to them! 😉

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