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Ten Economical Decorating Ideas

Happy Friday!!!! Yay! We are Raleigh bound for our favorite Danielle’s GRADUATION!!!!

We are so proud of Danielle and cannot wait for her move to Raleigh with a big girl job! Thanks for loving John-John (my brother!) unconditionally everyday! We love you!!

Today is May 10th, and I am sharing 10 Economical Decorating Ideas with you. These are super easy, too! Most items you can find in your cabinets or craft supplies at home! Otherwise, a trip to the Dollar Store and you are set to go!

1. Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

Instead of hanging these great center-stage items, I placed them in the middle of the table in lieu of flowers. Worked great! You can download my step byt step How to Make a Tissue Paper Pom Pom HERE. It’s F-R-E-E! I know you can google it and finds hundreds of tutorials, but I thought it might be nice for you to print out! Enjoy!

2. Christmas Lights 

I L-O-V-E Christmas lights! Above I used them around an upside down tomato cage to make a tree for our front door. We had the chalkboard out there with Merry Christmas on it.

3. Buttons

This is my BIG mason jar filled with buttons. {If you know what Just Ducky is, they are located here in Asheville! They closed their warehouse and had a GIGANTIC sale…. a cup of buttons for I think $0.50, maybe $1! Crazy!!} Scatter these cute colorful babies onto a table, around your food table, or string them together and make garland. The possibilites are endless!

4. Plastic Table Coverings

While I don’t use them often, they are perfect for a buffet table. Cover you table with a plain white cloth, and accent with a colorful plastic one. You see I gathered mine in the middle with a tissue paper pom pom. Great focal point, and CHEAP….$1.

5. Sprinkle Candles

These candles are from the dollar store, unscented, and covered in sprinkles! Any color would work! use the colors of your theme and read this tutorial, it’s super simple and quick! Kids love this craft, too!
6. Food
Why not use your dessert items or fruits as a centerpiece in your table?? Prop plates up so you have different heights. 
7. Platters
While these are on a dessert table and not a decoration, I love to fill platters with glass votives and candles, placing them in the middle of the table. It looks cohesive as well as elegant. And, the silver hue of the platter reflects the light from the candles, giving a twinkly essence!
8. Everyday Glass Ware
For these cake platters, I turned glasses upside down, and placed glass plates on top. These adorable 6 inch cakes looked so sweet (pun intended…) on top! 
Everyday glass ware held these flowers as vases!
9. Chalkboard
A quart of chalkboard paint goes a long, long way! I used it to turn this old window into a magnetic chalkboard.
10. China!
Using different patterns is fun, too!
See how easy it is to find economical decorating items in your home?? Look around, and find something that makes YOU happy and use it!
What ideas do you have?? Have you used anything super “out of the ordinary?” I’d love to hear!

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