Budget-Friendly Table Setting Ideas

Budget-Friendly Table Setting Ideas are helpful when you need to set your table
but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it.

Table Setting Collage

I love a good table setting.

If you hop on Pinterest and search for Budget-Friend Table Setting you get a lot of wedding ideas.

Budget Friendly Table setting ideas

Like, a lot a lot.

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From the survey I sent out a few weeks ago, a top contender was budget-friendly table settings.

And, y’all! I am all about this kind of budget-conscious idea!

If you’ve been here long, or follow me on Instagram, you know I’m not a budgeter. I really should be, but I’m not.

However, when it comes to setting a table, I think simple is best. You can read about the four guidelines I follow when I set a table here.

And one way to achieve simplicity is to ask yourself a few questions when setting your table.

What is the Purpose?

What’s your purpose for the centerpiece or table setting?

Are you trying to keep with a theme?

Are you hosting a buffet table?

A dinner party where people need to see each other across the table?

Do you have space for a centerpiece?

Or are you serving family-style?

When you answer these questions, you’ll know exactly what you’ll need.

Here are a few examples of a themed setting, a buffet table, and a dinner party table setting.

mason jar themed shower table setting

Years ago, I hosted a Mason Jar Themed Wedding Shower — and it was such a fun night! 

This table was a buffet-style for a cocktail party wedding shower. 

Using a simple white table cloth, a wooden sprig runner, greenery from my yard, and a bucket filled with magnolia branches (also from my yard!) and fresh roses, this table was a dream. The addition of candles added twinkle and ambiance, something every table needs. 

You can see how I arranged this table if you need to know how to set a buffet table

I kept the mason jar theme by using food labels that were paper mason jars — super cute!

budget-friendly table setting ideas

This was a super simple Christmas table setting YEARS ago (like over ten years ago!). 

Christmas table cloth + candles and three poinsettias down the center. 

Ornament name cardholders were placed at everyone’s spot, and the napkins were placed in glasses to add some height to the table. 

One Thanksgiving, I wanted to eat by candlelight, because why not. 

So, I used a white table cloth + burlap runner + dozens on candles in all kinds of glass containers.

You’ll see mason jars, hurricane vases with big candles, small votives, crystal coasters, and everything in between.

If it was glass and could hold a tealight, it was put on the table.


The thing about all three of these table settings was nothing was purchased. 

It is items I had on hand, and most likely you have the majority of them too!

Always shop your home first, before seeing if you need to buy something. 

Most likely, even if you are doing a mardi gras theme or something that would maybe constitute purchasing things, look for items that are in that theme’s color scheme. Fill up your table with those items first, so then you may only need to buy a couple of things.

Tips for Shopping:

  1. Stock up during sales! Post-Christmas is a great time to stock up on tea light candles. They’re not expensive anyway, but sometimes we get 100 for $5 and it’s just nice to keep on hand.
  2. Keep a running list on your phone. If I know I’m getting low on tealights, I’ll make a note in my phone. 
  3. Festive items such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, etc — again, wait until the post-holiday sales.

Floral arranging tips

Tips for Arranging Flowers:

  1. Never arrange flowers higher than your mouth. You want to be sure to see the person across from you, not strain your neck around some large arrangement.
  2. When cutting fresh flowers, either cut early in the morning or late in the evening. Flowers are like people, they stress very easily when moved to new surroundings.
  3. Flowers like Lemon-Lime Soda. Not a lot, just a tinge in the vase mixed with room temperature water.
  4. Flowers also like to resemble being in the garden. Not too close together, and not too far.

One Final Tip:

Dress your table in this order:

  1. Tablecloth
  2. Plates
  3. Flatware
  4. Glassware
  5. Centerpiece

Why you may ask?? Yes, it’s easier to add the centerpiece first. However, I learned very early that if I start with the centerpiece and then move to the glasses and flatware, everything gets a little cramped. I would rather work around the items I need on the table, versus the items that are just there for ‘fluff,’ like flowers and centerpieces. 

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Budget Friendly Table Setting Ideas from Sweetpea Lifestyle

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