Computer Desktop Organization

It’s a blizzard here in Asheville! 

And, I’m not happy with my overwhelming, CLUTTERY, mess of a desktop…… And this is not helping my productivity levels…

 SO many files….. And no idea what most are…… 

Using the same photo in Photoshop, I created an organized desktop.

Now, I know where things are… and they aren’t taking up the entire screen!

SO much better!

I created a couple for you, too! These are made for iMacs, sizes 21.5” and 27”.

This one is for 21.5″ iMacs, and you can download it HERE!

This one is for 27″ iMacs, and you can download it HERE!

After you set the photo as your background, be sure to “sort by” NONE. Here is a screenshot, just in case you need it!

Remember, when you save items to your desktop, you need to manually file those items.

Cheers to an organized desktop!!

 photo Signature.png

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