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How to Host a Christmas Brunch

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Christmas Brunch is a great way to gather your people around good food, festive drinks, easy conversation all around the Christmas tree!

easy holiday brunch

Christmas Brunch is such a fun idea to do during the month of December. We all have multiple evening parties to go to – why not host a fun mid-morning fête with easy breakfast recipes and the festive lights of Christmas? 

I’ll show you how to create a relaxing atmosphere with one easy recipe and a few things to pick up from the store.

I’ve also got a HUGE list of *amazing* holiday brunch recipe ideas – I’m sure you’ll find something you want to make!

holiday brunch ideas

First things first, let’s plan the menu.

A brunch menu needs just a few things.

  1. Something homemade (egg casserole or grits)
  2. Something bread-y (storebought is great!)
  3. Something fruity (storebought is great, too!)

In the photo above you see cake platters filled with doughnuts and fruity muffins, a pot filled with grits, an egg casserole.

A few recipes to get you started:

Next, let’s chat about the table.

It’s Christmas, so use what you have!!

Bring out your Christmas linens and use those on your tables.

This is the time to use all your Christmas things, and make a big impact! 

brunch ideas

If you don’t have Christmas linens, order some napkins from Amazon, and use those to make your place setting a little more festive.

Add your food to the center of the table, and let “family-style serving” be your centerpiece!

Use cake platters to pile things high, and different types of platters to give ‘movement’ to your table. 

I like to use a big cutting board and place items on that in the center of the table. 

How do you create a relaxing brunch?

  1. Turn on some Christmas music, have mimosas ready to be made by guests who walk in the door, and have some pre-thought-out conversation starters ready. 
  2. Make a pot of coffee and have all the fixings (creamers, sugar, marshmallows, peppermint sticks, etc) out for people to help themselves to. 
  3. To make it easy on yourself, try to have everything out and around the place in stations. A coffee station, a cold drink station, food on the table, etc. Have it all out, so you can enjoy yourself with others! 
  4. Finally, use a Game Plan and create a timeline you can stick to. Also, it helps to be fully stocked on must-have party supplies!

You can download this in my Resource Library after subscribing to my email list. You’ll find lots of goodies there! I consider any event I’m hosting a Game Day – so get ready to slay the day!!


Christmas Brunch Recipes

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How to Host a Christmas Brunch in 3 Easy Steps

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  1. This is wonderful! I love all these recipes – looks like I’m going to have a lot of brunches to be able to serve all of these dishes!!

  2. Thank you for sharing so many great tips and recipes! These will definitely come in hand this holiday season!

  3. Oh my, you are a marvelous hostess, Ashley. I wish I can recreate even just half of the spread you have on your table. And thanks for all the lovely choice and suggestions. I’ll be making some of those for our Christmas breakfast. 🙂

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