Blogger’s Favorite Fall Recipes

Here are 77 blogger’s favorite Fall recipes — the ones they can’t wait to make and can’t stop making over and over during the cooler months of autumn. 

Who’s excited about fall?!

While we’re still in the middle of hell’s front porch here in the south, I know cooler days are on the horizon…

And, heading into the fall during a pandemic… That means ALL THE FALL things will be happening!

So, I asked my food blogger pals what their ‘hands-down-absolute-favorite’ Fall recipe was.

77 of them answered, and I’ve compiled all the recipes below.

I don’t know which one I’m making first, but I’m feeling like I need a spreadsheet and some more stretchy pants.

My Favorite Fall Recipe

Y’all, without a doubt, my favorite fall recipe is Pumpkin Fondue.

About July I start scouring the internet for a mail-order pumpkin. 

This amazingly simple, yet oh so decadent Pumpkin Fondue is Meghan Markle’s favorite thing to make… so, do I really need to wax on poetically about all the reasons I like it, too?!

Just know it has all your favorite things…

  • Crusty French bread slices.
  • Gruyere Cheese.
  • Cream.

It’s all baked in a pumpkin, and when it’s ready to serve, you scoop out a portion (along with the pumpkin) and eat it with a spoon.

With a hearty red wine, it’s about the best thing you’ve ever had.

And, this year, you can bet I will be eating more of my fair share of this recipe.

Now, here’s a roundup of 77 food blogger’s favorite fall recipes!

Which one will you pick first?!

Food Blogger's Favorite Fall Recipes

Food Blogger's Favorite Fall Recipes

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  1. I love fall flavors and colors and these look and sound so amazing! I do have a Pork Tenderloin that I need to make so I will be trying the Sheet Pan Pork Tenderloin first!

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