Pineapple Apple Cider

Warm cinnamon and cloves send this Autumn treat over the top.

While Autumn is coming to a close, I wanted to share my way of “making” apple cider.

Simply put however much apple cider you want into a saucepan, and add fresh pineapple, a cinnamon stick, and a few whole cloves. Simmer over low heat, you want this to warm up low and slow. I let it simmer about 15 minutes before ladling out to drink!

Be sure to plop a few pineapple chunks into your mug! They’re the best part when the cider is gone.

Pretty simple, huh?? You could always add in some “mulling spices” to make it extra yummy. But, leave out the cinnamon stick and cloves, since mulling spices already have them in it.

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