Tailgating Cocktail Party

A few recipes and cocktails for this Tailgating Cocktail season!

If you live below the Mason-Dixon line, you know the fall season starts the weekend of college football kick off.

And, in the south, the largest cocktail parties in the world happen on some of the most beautiful university campuses in the nation.

Here are a few recipes and cocktails that make the PERFECT tailgating cocktail! I’m also including a reminder on how to set up a buffet line — Crucial for tailgating.

Here is a great snack you can make days ahead of time (another critical step in preparing for tailgating!) Dilly Ranch Cheez-its are the perfect snack to munch on while the grill is heating up!

We all love Sonic’s Cherry Limeade during Happy Hour…. Here is one you can make a day ahead of time and store in a mason jar!

Hot Pimento Cheese Dip travels well in a 9×13. You can even put this on the grill and warm it up for a bit! Or, serve it in a slow cooker!

Wrap up a load of these meatball subs in aluminum foil, and reheat on the grill or, even in a slow cooker!

This fruity cocktail is perfect for Brunch Tailgates, for those noon kick offs! It’s great for the kiddos, as it can be served without booze! A Juice of a Few Flowers is sure to be the hit of the tailgate lot!

Here is another great non-alcoholic drink! Vanilla Almond Tea is THE beverage to have on hand for when new friends stop by. Be sure to serve in a drink dispenser, as your jar is refilled over and over.

And, just as a reminder! Here are my tips and tricks to set up the perfect buffet line!

Now, get planning y’all! Get your menu and plan set days before so you can enjoy the tailgate with everyone!

Cheers, y’all!

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