Summer with Trader Joe’s Week #2 SALADS: Sweetpea’s Brussels Sprout Salad with Blueberries and Goat Cheese

Okay, y’all. This salad will change your world. It will definitely change your world view on Brussels Sprouts. These sprouts are RAW. No cooking, just shaved thin, and tossed with yummy yummy things like goat cheese, dried blueberries, and lemon poppyseed dressing! Oh my… Be still my foodie heart.

This is one of those “chop and drop” salads — measuring really isn’t necessary. And, if you just have to dirty up those measuring spoons and cups, you can. But, I’m not giving you exact measurements!

You ready for this super easy salad???

It starts with a bag of shaved brussels sprouts. I usually use two bags — it’s that good.

Or, you can put a pound of sprouts through your food processor with the grater attachment attached.

Put that in a bowl.

Add dried blueberries, and log of crumbled goat cheese (maybe 1/2 cup – 3/4 cup?? how ever much YOU like!), and half a container of Poppyseed dressing — whichever brand you prefer.

Then, mix the whole shebang well. Like, keep tossing, and tossing, and tossing. When you think it’s well-tossed, toss it some more. You want every piece in this salad covered in dressing. Kind of like coleslaw??

Once you have tossed it all till it can’t be tossed any more top with these babies….

Talk about a super yummy snack. I can’t keep my fingers out of this bag….

You can make this hours before your serving time. The sprouts hold up well to the dressing. I love including this salad when giving a meal to someone. I just put all the ingredients in little ziploc bags, then include a bottle of dressing. They can toss it together when they need it!

That’s it folks. It is THAT simple. Perfect for a hot summer day, and it’s rather healthy! 😉

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