Homemade Mayonnaise

Raise your hand if you live in the south? (Raising hand.) Raise your hand if you always have mayonnaise in your fridge? (Raising hand.) Raise your hand if the only mayonnaise that will “do” is Duke’s? (Raising hand.)

In the south, we LOVE our Duke’s mayonnaise. You know it’s yellow screw top and could recognize it from a mile away. But! Did you know how EASY and SIMPLE and CHEAP it is to make you own?! It seems like a daunting task, making homemade mayonnaise. If you have a food processor or a blender, you are home free….and you haven’t even lifted a finger!

There are a few key tips for your ingredients. One: Use a fresh egg. As in, you know someone who has chickens, and you go get that egg from them…. Also, be sure your egg is room temperature. Put it on the counter the night before – it won’t spoil, I promise. It’s in a hermetically sealed shell! It will be fine sitting on the counter. (P.S. If you do happen to get a bad egg, it doesn’t go bad sitting out or in the fridge too long – it was bad to begin with!) The second tip is using olive oil. Not only is it healthier, the flavor is so yummy! Lastly, dry mustard. And (kind of ) fresh dry mustard. If it’s been sitting in your cabinet for the last two years, it’s time to get some new mustard…..

Are you ready for the yummiest mayonnaise you’ve had????  

It’s easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Homemade Mayonnaise
one egg yolk – room temperature and if you can, please use a fresh local egg.
half tsp salt (i use kosher)
half tsp sugar
tsp dry mustard
two tsp’s FRESH lemon juice
one tbs apple cider vinegar (you could use any vinegar you have on hand!)
one cup olive oil

Plop your egg yolk in your food processor, followed by the salt, sugar, mustard and vinegar. Whirl it around for a few seconds. Then, with the FP on, stream your cup of oil in slowly (You know, take the baby lid off, and stream through the hole in the daddy lid) – go VERY slowly…. then, when you are done, let it whirl around for 15 more seconds. STOP! You’re done! Open your FP, stick your finger in there and taste… See, I told you, that was so hard!

There are many variations you could try with your mayonnaise. Tonight, I added lemon zest and grated garlic. You could also add curry powder or some wasabi powder to make some zinger sandwich mayo!
We baked some potato wedges and dip them in the Lemon-Garlic Mayo….  


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