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20 No-Cook Appetizers

I am not a big appetizer fan. I have a tinge of OCD, where when guests show up to my house, I want the meal ready, and we sit down to eat. But! Let’s be real, it’s hardly ever ready exactly when people show up….. They are either early, waiting and in your way; or, late.

Here are 20 No-Cook Appetizers, available in a handy printable for you! Most of these items can be kept at the ready, making your job that much easier! CLICK HERE to Download!

The recipes for Guacamole, Texas Caviar, Classic Spinach Dip and Shrimp & Cocktail Sauce can all be found in my eBook, Successful Entertaining, releasing May 7th!!!

Do you have any no-cook appetizers you love???

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  1. I currently live in England where it normal to be invited for a 7 o'clock dinner and not sit down til 8:30 or later to eat. Drinks and appetizers are part of the etiquette…. So I usually try to serve light appetizers so that people aren't full by dinner, such as veggies, shrimp, etc. And cheese is considered a last course, so I had to take that off my trustee list 🙂

  2. Love your list! I like tzatziki with pita, chips with french onion dip, caprese skewers, turkey and cheese roll ups, i could go on and on with no cook apps ! thanks for this !

  3. Great list of no cook appetizers, Ashley! I'm a big fan of cheese and crackers and fruit kabobs. I've never tried salami and cucumbers together- I must give this a try! 🙂

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