Beef Bourguignon

A simple and humble beef stew, filling your belly and home with deliciousness.

Yummy! This recipe screams “Hey, Fall! How you doin’??”

Remember the wonderful movie Julie and Julia?? And how she made (and burned!) bland Boeuf Bourguignon for Judith Jones who didn’t come, because it was raining?!

Well, this is it.

With a few Sweetpea changes.

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Traditional Beef Bourguignon includes mushrooms, pearl onions, and tomato paste. Personally, those items don’t add anything for my taste. So, I just leave them out! Add them in if you prefer. There are hundreds and hundreds of Beef Bourguignon recipes out there… Find one you love and use it!

Make this this weekend, and enjoy a cozy stew with your family and friends!

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