The Art of Holiday Gatherings

Is the 2020 Holiday Season totally stressing you out?!

Do you feel the tension between balancing your time 

between your business and family?  

Are you overwhelmed by the things 

you *think* you have to do?

Like, juggling #allthethings —and adding three new full-time jobs to your already hectic schedule thanks to a global pandemic?? 


Hello, homeschool teacher + principal + crossing guard divided with the business owner who’s trying to land the plane gently in the fourth quarter without burning out…

What if your holiday could look like 

the Hallmark movies you dream about?

Baking cookies and drinking hot cocoa while you watch the twinkle of the Christmas lights—knowing the presents are wrapped under the tree, and stockings are hung by the chimney with care. 

You just want to feel like you’ve made your list and checked it twice, like you’re ready for a magical holiday … 

but 2020 is making that feel next to impossible.

Tell me, friend, have you thought about any of these?

  • How do you make things ahead of time and make it look effortless?

  • Why is simple so hard to do when you feel like it has to look like Pinterest?

  • How do I finish the fourth quarter strong and still give my family the magical holiday they want?

  • Why am I always rushed off my feet, and feeling like I’m managing my time wrong?

When was the last time you truly enjoyed a holiday with your people?

You didn’t stress about tablescapes or missing something …

or the perfect door decor and balancing your time well.

When was the last time you sat down to 

your Thanksgiving table and relaxed?

When was the last time you truly enjoyed 

your Christmas party and didn’t have that dreaded

 “Why am I doing this?! I don’t feel festive at all!” feeling?

Last October, I was already stressing about the holidays coming up… 

It was my first year hosting our big family at our new house,

and I knew I needed to have all my ducks in a row to make it fun for everyone AND me. 

Using Ashley’s Thanksgiving Prep Challenge, I was able to prepare my house, the meals, and everything in between for an unforgettable holiday

Each task is broken up, so nothing seems too much, especially the week of Thanksgiving. When I sat down to dinner on Thursday I was excited to dig into all the dishes. I didn’t have that “This is a lot of work for 15 minutes of eating” feeling I usually have. 

Even though it was my first year hosting everyone, it seemed like I had been hosting for years! 

I can’t wait to host again this year, it’s going to be even more special since COVID has kept family apart for long periods of time.

— Lee Ann R.


The Art of Magical

Holiday Gatherings, 

a 10-week roadmap to help you navigate the entire holiday season.

The ultimate guide to an extraordinary Thanksgiving, 

an enchanting Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Refresh your life by learning effective skills to productively manage the holiday season.

You’ve got a million things on your list, learn to say no to the little things, 

so you can say YES! to the big things that matter

A collection of resources that escort you through creating new traditions 

when the old ones might not be possible this year.

You might not meet Mr. Darcy at the gingerbread house competition,

but you will learn to maximize the time you have, gifting yourself the effortless holiday experience you dream of.

Here’s what you get with The Art of Magical Holiday Gatherings:

  • Holiday Recipe Vault—filled with all the recipes you need for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.
  • Chef-Approved Kitchen Advice—While I can’t be in the kitchen right next to you, I can virtually talk you through exactly what I learned in culinary school. 
  • Gathering Guides—that lead you to unforgettable memories with your people.
  • Family Fun Night Prompts—ways to purposefully gather with your family 
  • Recipes for Busy Evenings—you know, your people have to eat all the other meals… use these dependable recipes when you’re rushed off your feet.

While I would love to be hosting you in my home, teaching you all the tricks I know, this course is filled with video and audio recordings that will inspire even the most uninspired. 

If you’re the one who toots the “I really cannot cook” horn, this is for you!

How does it work?

Recognize you need your

holiday season rescued!

Gift yourself and step into a new holiday season

filled with bliss!

Complete each week’s tasks, and you’ll be the most prepared for the holidays!


P.S. Oprah called, YOU get a BONUS!

And you get a bonus! And YOU get a bonus! 

You also get access to:

  • Holiday Helpers—all the printables you need to be the most effective host, ever!

  • A Personal Check-In—so you can check off your task list without feeling festive stress!

What’s your investment?

? You could peruse Pinterest for hours.

??‍? Hire a personal chef.

?‍? Hire an event planner.

? Order takeout over and over.

Or, you could learn how to effortlessly host people in your home, 

While creating ✨ unforgettable ✨ memories.

The total value? $1199

Your investment for the Art of Holiday Gatherings is:

One-time payment of $397 

  • Holiday Recipe Vault ($59)

  • Chef-Approved Kitchen Advice ($249)

  • Recipes for Busy Evenings, that aren’t for the actual holiday ($47)

  • Gathering Guides that lead you to unforgettable memories with your people ($57)

  • Family Fun Night Prompts—ways to purposefully gather with your family ($76)

Plus the added bonuses:

  • Holiday Helpers—all the printables you need to be the most effective host, ever! ($56)

  • A personal check-in  — so you can check off your task list without feeling festive stress! ($125)

This special only lasts until October 24th!

Hey, Y’all! 

I’m Ashley!

After college cooking classes and years of hosting, I’m the Hostess with the Mostest who is ringing in the new southern belle. The fairy godmother of maximizing your time and creating unforgettable memories around your table.

After years of feeling like I couldn’t do it all {enjoy the holidays while running a business and working fulltime to finish out the year REALLY well}, I created a system for myself that has RESCUED my holiday season! 

This is exactly HOW to sit down at Thanksgiving and enjoy your meal. 

It’s how you can effortlessly host memorable gatherings in your home, without going overboard. 

It’s how you can stitch the old traditions with new traditions that will have you

::chefs kissing:: 2020 goodbye

I’ve got your back.

Navigating the Holiday season is HARD.

With weekly check-ins, I can guarantee this will be a season to remember for you!

And while I can’t make it go perfectly (it is 2020 after all…), if for some reason you’re not feeling more than prepared, 

we’ll work together to clarify exactly why this system isn’t working for you. 

Here’s what others are asking…

I don’t have time to host holiday things… I’m busy running my business and closing out the fourth quarter!

Yes!! I totally understand. But! You still celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, right? Would you be open to learning a system where you can truly enjoy the season? (For all me enneagram 8s, you’ll get to say no… a lot! ? )

I don’t think I have time for this??

With a few short minutes each day, you’ll be able to complete your task list. All the materials are in digital formats that make it easy to listen on your commute to work or read while you take a few minutes for yourself.

Do you offer refunds?

With the digital nature of this product, no I do not offer refunds, if for some reason you’re not feeling more than prepared, we’ll work together to clarify exactly why this system isn’t working for you. 

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Drop an email to me before October 24th!

Find me on Instagram (@sweetpealifestyle) and send me a DM with any questions!

You’ve always wanted your holidays to 

look and feel like a Hallmark Movie…

You know, crisp white snow falling on the perfectly decorated balsam trees 

while the old red truck pulls up to take you caroling… ?

After joining the Art of Magical Holiday Gatherings

you’ll be refreshed, not exhausted, and have happy memories for your scrapbook!

Your holiday might not look like the perfectly curated movies… 

since you don’t have a custom set designer and scriptwriter… But!

You’ll have the exact recipes you need,

filling your home with wafts of cinnamon and gingerbread while you sip apple cider and munch on pumpkin bread.

You’ll know exactly what to do ahead of time for each event, 

with a Game Plan that will keep you on TOP of your list… you won’t even need to check it twice!

You’ll be hosting amazing cocktail parties with insta-worthy food bars your people will go crazy for.

And you’ll have the tools you need to virtually host a gathering if Rona takes over!

In this dumpster fire of a year we’ve learned that being with your people is a gift. 

You need to spend your time well by not being overwhelmed with #allthethings.

You need a magical holiday filled with meaningful moments.

After years of saying “Next year I’m going to enjoy the holidays!” or “Does it ever get easier?!” 

?  Ring in the New Year excited you enjoyed the Christmas season, 

?  Filled with hope for the new year! ?

This offer closes on October 24th, 

with your first task-list sent Monday morning on the 26th!