Project: Desk Organization.

This summer, I have big goals.

HUGE goals.

Goals that I have had for quite some time.

Ready to hear what they are??? {I know you are waiting with bated breath!}

Summer Goals: 

1. Thoroughly clean, purge & organize bedroom/fake office. 
2. Thoroughly clean, purge & organize craft room. 

I have organized my desk, and I am here to take you on a “tour” as well as teach you my three steps for organization!

The steps are simple. You know the term SEO? Search Engine Optimization??

Well, if you can remember S.C.O. you will know just what to do when conquering your organizational fears!

S – is for sort.
C – is for clean.
O – is for organize.
Here is my before picture of my desk… I really, really do not want to show you, but I will. 
Do not judge me, okay?? 😉


 Now, let me preface this mess by saying this is everything from inside and on top of my desk. All piled up. Here is where the sorting comes in…

Just start picking up items and placing them into a pile…

See the holy @!*# of a mess??

And, my sweet dog Buddy! He was a big help during this process. 😉

 It doesn’t look quite as daunting once placed into piles! Right??

Now comes the clean part…

It’s really two words: clear & clean

If you don’t clear & clean your surface 
and sort it out, you cannot organize!

Notice my pink Inspiration Board! It houses my large monthly calendar + a few keepsakes & motivational items + my coupons/offers/gift certificates. I see them and know exactly where they are! {These are to stores/businesses in which I do not frequent often: Anthropologie, The Container Store, etc… My birthday is in June, so I am racking up the discounts!}
Now comes the F-U-N part! 
Just a few words about organizing….
I organize in my own way, with my own systems. It may be different for you! In the past week of having an organized desk, I have found many things NOT working. But! That is the great thing about O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-I-N-G! You can change what you need to and keep what works! {{clap clap clap!}}

 Alright, let’s break this baby down!

This is a tiny ceramic loaf pan I got on sale ($0.50!) at Michael’s near Thanksgiving… It has been sitting in the bag waiting for a loving home. This is where I am putting all the business cards I acquire through out the week, along with receipts and other items that can be filed later!

Now, let’s talk calendars/agendas/keep it together books… Whatever YOU call it, I probably own it. I did not realize I have MAJOR issues with purchasing calendars….. These are ALL 2012 calendars, and it will be June 1st tomorrow. Have I mentioned that I have an iPhone that syncs with my Google Calendar?? And, yes, you notice TWO Lilly calendars… The small size didn’t work, the big size works, but is missing something (don’t know what…). There is also a legal pad and a spiral bound notebook. Oh! And, there are two calendars missing from this pile. One, which is upstairs, the other you will see by my chair in the after pictures. Yikes…. Is there a calendar intervention program??? Dave Ramsey would NOT be happy!

Okay, this was a SAAA-WHEEEET purchase back at Christmas. Got this baby half off + % off! YAY!

Thought it would work great for all my office needs…. BUT! It’s rather large, and takes up way too much space on my desk. Last night I purchased very cute glass candy jars from the Dollar Store, which I am making labels for and will use to house my “non-crafting” office supplies: i.e. Pens & Pencils + Scissors!

This lovely carousel will go upstairs in my craft room, with all the other craft items. She will have a lovely home there, and be used quite often!

Here is a closer view of my inspiration board. Which is really a tack board covered in fabric (that matches my earring holder!).

Left hand Top Drawer – houses my stationary items. Three-hole punch, address stampers, index cards (for list making! L-O-V-E index cards!) and all my monogrammed cards are in the back. Along with two rulers and an extra Lilly iPhone case when my current one bites the dust. Yes, it matches my  TWO Lilly calendars! I love matching, can you tell????

 Here is the Right hand Bottom Drawer.  When I read an article in a magazine which I absolutely love, I rip it out and file into the coordinating category. I had no idea how many articles I was storing…. But! I went through each and every one of them, and kept the BEST ones. Now, when I have nothing to write about, I have a file drawer full of inspiration! By the way, there are file folders in there that match the calendars and the iPhone case. If you must know, the print is called Luscious, and this is the usual store where I order all my Office Lilly needs!!

Okay, so here is my Right hand Drawer… And, as you can see it ALSO has address stamps in it. This is where the change part comes in… I didn’t like my business cards free floating in the drawer. Not that they were getting up and moving when I opened/closed it, but I like “things” to have specific spaces. So, I moved things around and came up with this:

So, now the business cards are in one container, and easily accessible. I have paper clips, rubber bands (and claw clips underneath!) and push pins in cute Anthropologie bowls, which you can find HERE. I have a few more of these bowls, waiting for some bracelets and hair ties! LOVE them. You will see my favorite label maker in the back, as well as MORE index cards! In the clear acrylic container there are plugs that I don’t use often, safety pins, and my car unlock/lock puncher… I’m not sure why it’s not on my key ring….???

Let’s not forget my lovely shoe shelf! While totally not as functional as I thought, it works rather well! When I move into organizing my closet to a T, this shelf will be used to hold my printer, laminator & other “big items.”  That basket right there is a temporary catch all – those items needed to go upstairs!

Alright, here is the big reveal side by side!

What are some ways in which you organize?? Have you discovered any great systems that work well for you?? I would love to know! Thanks reading this LONNGG post!


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  1. I love desk drawer organizers, pen holders and all that stuff. I'm pretty much a neat freak when it comes to keeping my desk clean. Now if only I transfer that organization to other areas in our home.

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