So, you're in bed, scrolling through Insta. You see a beautiful table, set for dinner, and you just *know* those people had a fantastic party.... 

You wonder if you could ever do something like that, and then the "shoulda-coulda-wouldas" creep in and tell you:

YOU can't entertain like that. You don't have the skills for that. You don't know how to cook that well. You don't have all the fancy table stuff….”

easy biscuit bar

           Yes, YOU can!

You CAN open your door, and create life around YOUR table. 

Whether that means picking up take out on the way home, or making the casserole you grew up on.

Creating life around the table isn't about the fancy things you see on Pinterest or Instagram! 

It's about cultivating relationships and building a community.


The Hostess Handbook

The Hostess Handbook gives you the freedom to say NO to extra things that clutter your heart towards entertaining, and YES to really good recipes that gather people around your table.

Here is what you’ll learn inside this 90+ page printable guide:

  • What to do
    • What you will make ahead, and what you'll cook on the day of! 
    • Most of the recipe in the Hostess Handbook are make a head of time, giving you more time to prep ALL THE THINGS ahead before the first guest walks through the door.
    • You'll learn my favorite ways to work ahead of time...
  • When to do it
    • Following a Game Plan Timeline will help you know exactly when to do what! 
    • The Game Plan is the list of all lists... it combines all your lists (grocery, menu, decor, guests, etc) into one list that you'll follow for your gathering.
  • How to do it
    • How to efficiently execute a gathering without fail!
    • Exactly how to setup that cheeseboard
    • Exactly how to setup your buffet table for smaller gatherings, and big ones!

Simple, right?!

It’s maybe not *quite* that simple, but the Hostess Handbook was created to share only the most important entertaining tips and tricks. Like, what works and what doesn’t. How having a Game Plan keeps you calm, cool, and collected. It’s got recipes on recipes that you can make ahead of time, so you can actually enjoy your gathering! Crazy, right?!

Now let’s talk about a major elephant in the kitchen…. You see the cheeseboards all over Pinterest, so you go to the store to buy things so YOU can make one.

Have any of these thoughts rushed through your head!??

“What do I buy?!”

“How much cheese?!”

“What else do I need?”

“Um, mine does NOT look like the picture…”

Never fear! Seriously. There is a complete guide to arranging your board inside the Hostess Handbook. Essentials you'll need to create a Pinterest Worthy board!

"Wow! What a helper this handbook is! I printed it off, added to a notebook, and was so inspired to host a dinner party. We used the Italian themed menu and were blown away by the lasagna recipe! Thanks, Sweetpea for creating this amazing book."

- Jen

"Now I am ready to host any event!!! Simple recipes with simple tasks makes me want to open my door and let people in."

- Ann

"The buffet template is so helpful -- I didn't move my dishes all over the table over and over like I normally do. And, using post it notes is key! Thanks for the great recipes, too!"

- Emily

Inside the Hostess Handbook, you’ll find a checklist of Cheeseboard Essentials. Call it Cheeseboard 101! 

There is even a pictorial guide you can follow to get the exact same look!

Here's what you'll do to make the perfect cheeseboard every time:

  • Cheese: use an odd number -- they always looks better on a big board
  • Dried fruit, Cured meats, and/or crackers
  • Something exciting: like a fig jam for goat cheese, or drizzling balsamic on melon


You have a pictorial guide to setting up your buffet table just like the one in the picture. Everything you need to know for creating an incredible party!