Hospitality Handbook
an all in one guide to hosting unforgettable memories around the table

An all in one guide to hosting unforgettable parties, creating life around the table, and reclaiming the joy of hospitality. 

Learn how to host a dinner party that YOU {the host!} will actually enjoy!

  • Learn the THREE things that NEVER work when entertaining...
  • I share my top FIVE dinner party menus | my tried and true menus that never fail!
  •  I'll show you how to setup a cocktail bar, and my top FIVE party cocktails.
  • My top FIVE appetizers are sure to make your dinner party a success, and you'll learn how to assemble a CHEESEBOARD, perfect for instagramming with all your peeps!
  • Dessert is my least favorite part of a party... mainly because I cannot bake! But, with my FIVE pickup and assemble desserts, that's one thing you can check off your list in a jiffy!
  • You'll learn TEN floral tips that will help make your table out of this world!
  •  Having access to the top TEN party must haves is crucial! This will help simplify your life for any occasion!
  • You can use my 'tablescape templates' so you're never wondering what to do with that vase of flowers and candles... Just follow the template, and you're good to go!
  •  Hosting a cocktail party buffet can be a lot of fun, and helpful when you don't have enough seats around your table. You'll be able to print off my guide for arranging your buffet table is the best way possible! Fit for every guest.
  •  Conversation Starters are sprinkled throughout the book, to help guide you to better community around your table.


The buffet template is so helpful -- I didn't move my dishes all over the table over and over like I normally do. And, using post it notes is key! Thanks for the great recipes, too!



Now I am ready to host any event!!! Simple recipes with simple tasks makes me want to open my door and let people in.



Wow! What a helper this handbook is! I printed it off, added to a notebook, and was so inspired to host a dinner party. We used the Italian themed menu and were blown away by the lasagna recipe! Thanks, Sweetpea for creating this amazing book.


With the Hospitality Handbook Recipe Box, you'll have access to all the recipes listed in the ebook. 

  • top FIVE appetizers, the ones that won't fail you, that your family will love!
  • top FIVE main dishes, that go along with the dinner party menu themes
  • top FIVE side dishes that won't have you cooking over the stove until the last minute
  • top FIVE cocktail recipes, perfect for a few drinks at a time, or made into a big pitcher

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