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3 Tips to Prep Your Home for the Holidays

3 Tips to Prep Your Home for the Holidays—everything you need to know to stay organized and ahead of schedule!

prepping your home for the holidays

This has been a crazy year. 

I mean extremely crazy. And there’s still two full months left…

When we look back on 2020 someday, I’m sure it will be described as the “Year That Never Ended”. But enough of the debbie-downer mentality because we’re about to get into my favorite time of year: the holidays! 

While Halloween may not be the same without trick-or-treaters walking my neighborhood, November and December offer up holidays that bring family together, delicious food on the table, and plenty of laughs and time to catch up. With that, everyone is choosing to celebrate this upcoming festive time in their own unique ways, whether it means having people in the house, or celebrating virtually. 

Regardless of what your plan is (maybe you’re kicking back with a glass of wine enjoying the fact your house won’t be a B&B), it’s wise to have a few ideas to help pull off the holidays with ease and style. 

So, without further adieu, here are my top tips for prepping my home and yours for the holiday season.

Prep Your Home for the Holidays by Organizing Your Living Room


Between having doubled as a living space, home office, laundry folding area, and just about everything in between, my living room has seen tons– and I mean tons– of use these past few months. I can’t help it though, I tell myself if I go to my bedroom, then I’ll just fall asleep, and if I sit at my dining room table, it’s just way too formal. So, the living room is the next best option. 

However, if your family is anything like mine, they enjoy lounging around during the holidays and catching up. In the spirit of prepping for guests, I should probably get around to getting it in tip-top shape- and so should you! Now, where to start? 

Start with a quick scan of your living room…what gets used most, what could use some TLC, what do you still have from your old college house? 

As you’re taking everything in during your preliminary look-about, maybe you notice your couch isn’t up to the holiday standards or some things are just better left in 2019… 

If that’s the case, maybe it’s time to replace it with an affordable new sofa or couch to deliver the most comfortable lounging area for family and friends after a turkey-induced food coma! With the lounging area set, take a look at your decor. 

Do you still have your St. Patrick’s Day decorations up from when quarantine started? Yeah, definitely time for a bit of a refresh! Style your living room to be inviting to guests with fun holiday-themed decor ideas or winter bouquets to keep their spirits festive and your house looking its best. 

Now that our living rooms are set, it’s time to make sure we’re up to speed on tech in our houses…

Prep Your Home for the Holidays by Prepping Your Tech

Here’s what I know, though, is that when the holidays roll around, my TV better be working so I can watch my favorite holiday movies or cheer on my team.

If you’re prepping for a family holiday gathering, odds are you’ll want your TV working too– you can only remind those family members you see once a year about what you do at work so many times before it becomes numb! Luckily for you, there are dozens of how-to guides like this one to help you set up and customize your smart TV to your ideal specs.

Not only can a nice big screen serve as a great spot for people to gather around in-person, but this also gives you the opportunity to connect to socially-distant family members who couldn’t make the trip. 

If your family decided on a virtual holiday gathering, Zoom is the best way to stay connected and the next best alternative to celebrating in-person.

Opting for a virtual holiday, though it is likely unusual, is as popular as it’s ever been across the world due to health concerns.

Luckily, though, whether your family lives across the country or right next door, technology can not only entertain but also bring us closer together in a time we need it most.

Prep Your Home for the Holidays by Shopping Early


As the holiday season quickly approaches, there’s no time like the present to get a head start on your holiday shopping, especially for decorating your home before everyone is flocking for a holiday wreath, etc.

I like planning out when I’m going to have myself a shopping day and begin making lists days to a week in advance. While a spur of the moment shopping trip is always fun, I often find myself falling trap to impulse buys, or forgetting the essentials that I actually need.

Plus- who really wants to decorate their home last second, once it hits November I start decking my halls in holiday decor right away!

With the holidays right around the corner, this is the time to start looking out for upcoming deals and sales for anything from gifts, to home decor, non-perishable food and everything in between.

Planning my shopping ahead of time not only gives me something fun to look forward to (like stopping and grabbing my favorite Starbucks holiday-themed latte on the way), but also helps me avoid stores with big crowds. 

The worst thing possible, and we’ve all been there, is realizing a few days before, or worse, the day of hosting guests, that you’re missing something vital…hopefully you don’t realize on Thanksgiving that you’re missing the turkey, but you get the idea! 

Start planning your shopping now and decorate your home before you’re busy with other festivities, this also helps to avoid the holiday rush and give yourself time to enjoy your home during the holidays as opposed to scrambling around!

This holiday season will undoubtedly be different than any other. However, between focusing on taking care of yourself, enjoying time with family, and prepping your home for guests or a virtual celebration, you can still make it everything you want.


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